Technological process of Legenda maintenance service

The technological process of Legenda maintenance service aims to ensure the integrity of watch movement, to restore the original aesthetics and functionality of watch case and buckle.

Dtb diagnostics and dismantling of a watch

Upon its arrival in our service center your timepiece is carefully observed by our watchmakers from Design Technological Bureau (hereinafter – DTB).
DTB diagnostics is designed to start a standard technological process of maintenance service for a specific watch or to create a new individual process for nonstandard requests like a severe damage, significant wear etc.
Each process of the complete maintenance service starts from dismantling of a watch. The first step is a removal of the strap and the buckle. The second one is a removal of the watch movement from the case.

MMS. Dismantling of the movement and cleaning of watch parts

Movement maintenance service (hereinafter – MMS) has a lot in common with the car engine maintenance: used oil should be replaced but in 90% of cases at the moment of the maintenance there is no oil left in the movement at all.
However, dissimilar to a car engine a watch movement is subject to a complete dismantling process and cleaning: every individual part of the movement is washed in an ultrasonic machine with specific baths.
We recommend that you have your watch serviced every 3-4 years.

MMS. Watch parts replacement, lubricaton and rate adjustment

After cleaning the watchmaker carefully examines each part and identifies the ones that require replacement.
When assembling the movement the watchmaker uses modern high-quality oil to lubricate specific metal springs to minimize friction and to prevent wear. The wear is one of the factors that affects the precision and the rate of the watch over time.
Watch precision is provided by the balance wheel adjustment and verified by electronic devices.
The final stage of assembling is fixing of the dial and hands. Now the movement is ready to be cased up.

Refinishing. Dismantling of a case

Many factors affect a watch during its operation: weather conditions, mechanical damage etc. As a result the watch case loses its original aesthetic appearance.
Watch case refinishing service (hereinafter – Refinishing) is required to restore its allure and vivacity of the first day.
The process starts with the complete dismantling of the case: pushers are disassembled, the tube of the crown is removed, the glass is extruded; the case back and the crown were removed earlier during the extraction of the movement.

Refinishing. Cleaning and polishing of the case

All parts of the case - the case itself, the case back, case back screws, the crown and pushers – are placed in special containers to be washed in an ultrasonic machine with specific baths.
After a meticulous wash all parts are manually polished in several stages: the removal of scratches and nicks by grinding and other special procedures, specific décor restoration (i.e. tarnish or hatch) and the final polish to restore a mirror shine of precious metals.

Refinishing. Case assembling

The watchmaker carefully assembles all the parts and springs of a watch. During this process all the gaskets are being replaced (case backs, cases, the glass, the crown, pushers) to ensure a complete impermeability of the case. Watch impermeability is the main purpose of the case which has to ensure the safety of the movement by protecting it from microdust and condensation.
Microdust contaminates oil and condensation leads to internal springs’ corrosion. Watch case is thoroughly tested on the ability to maintain impermeability under certain pressure.

Reassembling the watch

The watch case that passed the impermeability test assembled without a movement and the movement itself that passed the precision test are ready to be put together to become a watch again.
The quality of operation is thoroughly checked at each stage of maintenance service by quality control specialists according to the strictly established technological process.

Legenda service center

As a result watches acquire their original luster: shiny watch case and buckle, new gaskets ensuring complete impermeability of the case, the movement with a healthy heartbeat! Complete maintenance service takes about two weeks. Legenda Service Center is the only certified maintenance center for Legenda and Zolotoe Vremya watches.

In case your watch require maintenance service you can always visit our service center or send us an Inquiry. We will gladly assist you should you have any question concerning delivery of your Legenda timepiece to Legenda service center from any city of Russian Federation.

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