Legenda luxury watches and jewelry are created by the first Russian watch and jewelry manufacturer founded in 1992 in Moscow. The manufacturer was previously named Zolotoe Vremya (Gold Time).

Legenda manages in-house development and production starting from idea to finished masterpiece. This way of thinking is special and common for only few of the existing international watch manufacturers.
From casting of precious metals for cases and up to the last stage of craftsmanship there are more than 60 different manufacturing operations which are consistently being carried out on the territory of one enterprise in Moscow since 1992. In a modern world such a consistency is a phenomenon. It gives Legenda the right to be called a manufacturer.

In time Legenda history of creating watches can be compared with the new history of many international watchmakers known de jure for centuries.


De facto the Company started its activity in 1991. De jure 1992 is considered as its foundation date.
On the 13th of July 1992 the First Moscow Watch Factory Poljot, the 2nd Moscow Watch Factory Slava and OAO Machinoapparat together founded the Company named Zolotoe Vremya (Gold Time).
The main idea of the Company was a creation of the first high-quality gold wrist watches in Russia.
On the 30th of December 1992 first 50 men’s watches were made and assembled by Zolotoe Vremya (Gold Time). The watch had the 1656 quartz caliber movement in 18-carat rose gold case.

1993 - 1995

In 1993 men’s watches with the Soviet mechanical 2614 caliber movement in cases 021.2614 and 098.2614 were put into production (slide №3).
The total number of watches issued reached 650 units.
A year later the 1601 and 3133 caliber movements were introduced (slide №1) and the total number of gold watches issued exceeded a significant mark of 2000 units.
In 1995 36 mm and 38 mm watch cases were produced for the first time in the history of the Company. It made the basis for present Legenda Clio (slide №2) and Legenda Veles (slide №1) collections.

1996 - 1998

The special watch case design was created for the Award Foundation upon the request of the Presidential Administration of Russian Federation. It was named Admiral. It was the first skeleton watches.(slide №1).
In 2006 watches in Admiral case became a part of Legenda watch model range with an old index 096 and with a new name – Orion collection.
A barrel-shaped medium sized watch case with an automatic Swiss 2824 caliber movement (slide №2) was created in 1997. Same year round-shaped 36mm watches were born. They formed the basis for the modern Callisto collection (slides №3 and №4).
In Autumn 1998 right after the economic depression in the country it was to create the most classic decided watches in the current model range. It was made in a very complicated barrel-shaped case, in a big size and with a complex automatic Swiss 7750 and 7751 caliber movements, with a chronograph and a moon-phase display. Subsequently transformed case was given an index 147 and became the basis of Legenda Helios collection (slide №5).

1999 - 2001

Innovative design of the watch case with 2612 caliber movement and with a special signal function expanded classical manufacturer model range (slide №1, №2).
Watch in 085 case with a sophisticated case milling and half-skeleton movement in which the balance wheel is opened manually (slide №3) became a bestseller among most luxurious watch models.
Semiramis line of women’s bracelet watches was introduced next. It presented watches with classic dials, with dials and rims made of malachite and other semi-precious stones (slide №4, №5, №6, №7)


The desktop watch with Moscow symbolism were created upon the request of Moscow Government. It was made of 925 silver with hand engraving, decorations and gilding.
Series of handmade religion-themed desktop watches were issued in single copies. Some of these unique copies are currently stored in the manufacturer’s archive.

2003 - 2005

For the new 31681 caliber movement with a chronograph and 24-hour dial Company’s craftsmen created the new 084 watch case in Art Deco style! This watch was especially valued by regular Customers (slide №1).
In 2004 the number of the factory staff exceeded 100 people – that is a certain quantitative limit for large international watch manufacturers who make watches in premium and luxury segments.
New watch in a 103 case was issued. It served as basis to modern Legenda Perseus collection (slide №2).
Total number of watches issued since 1992 exceeded the mark of 60 000 units.
Zolotoe Vremya presented the watches at Basel Exhibition for the first time in 2004 as Russian watchmakers from Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs..
In 2005 at the request of the Russian Olympic Committee watches with symbols of the 2012 Olympic Games were issued to honor Moscow as a candidate for hosting Summer Olympic Games of 2012 (slide №3).

2006 - 2007

2006 is considered to be the official date of Legenda foundation. It is a year of Legenda trademark registration.
Since then the brand Zolotoe Vremya has been producing highly complicated watches in single copies for collectors and private Customers.
Collections of watches being issued are now structured. There are more than 15 different collections which are independent trademarks.
As to productivity a very special period has passed. A variety of new design, a technological improvement of a number of watch cases, new calibers specially modified by Swiss watchmakers for Legenda model range of watches.
This period was marked as the beginning of Legenda production and management optimization.

2008 - 2009

Until autumn 2008 Zolotoe Vremya and Legenda watches were presented in more than 300 stores in 60 cities of Russia. The crisis of 2008 led to a lot of bankruptcies among watch and jewelry Distributors.
In August 2009 in the heart of Moscow, in Ararat Park Hayatt Hotel on Neglinnaya street the first monobrand Legenda boutique opened its doors.
The official opening of the monobrand Legenda boutique in Ararat Park Hayatt Hotel coincided with an annual award ceremony for the best representatives of private banking industry, wealth management and related industries of the English Spears Awards Russia.


On the 13th of July 2010 Legenda Manufacture celebrated its 18th birthday with the finish of the 7th and final race of annual Golden Ring rally of classic cars.
In honor of this event limited edition Legenda Veles Retro Rally Chronograph watches in vintage style and in yellow gold case were issued. One copy was presented to the winner of the 7th race of Golden Ring rally.

2011 - 2013

Profound changes period.
The main focus was on equipment and technologies improvement of Legenda watches and jewelry production.
Legenda Manufacture acquired new electrical and engineering networks, renovated the park of high-precision equipment with an introduction of the most modern and mobile analogues.
Professional watchmaker’s workbenches were custom made following artists’ design and technological idea of Legenda constructors.
Architecture and design of spaces were implemented by Legenda artists in collaboration with young architects from Moscow: domination of open spaces, natural materials, clean lines and the color spectrum of Legenda brand book.
Legenda Collections were upgraded to more technologically advanced watches with volume bas-relief images on the case back according to the Legenda collection it belonged to (slide №1, №2).


In 2006 on the 30th of December, in anticipation of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, in the heart of the first premium mountain resort in Russia, Rosa Khutor, Legenda Monoboutique opened its doors to the first Customers.


Anticipating the desires of its Customers Legenda artists and constructors created a real work of art, jewelry and watches travel case Legenda Legencase.
Individuality of Legenda case’s owner is highlighted with the significant personification - embossed initials (slide №4). Legenda Legencase is a true example of genuine luxury and timeless design combined with undeniable functionality.