Sirius is the brightest star in the Earth’s night sky. Sirius can be seen from any area of Earth except the most northern ones.

Many ancient civilizations placed an emphasis on Sirius. The inhabitants of the Nile valley worshipped the star as the goddess Sopdet – the incarnation of Isida in the sky. Ancient Egyptians based their calendar year on the period between two heliacal risings of Sirius.

In Sumero-Akkadian astronomy the star was called the Arrow and was associated with the god Ninurta. Greeks connected Sirius with summer heat. The name of the star comes from a word which means hot day. The Latin name of Sirius, Canicula, was transformed to the Slavic version of the word vacation because the Roman Senate declared resting days during periods of the hottest summer days when the star appeared in the morning sky.

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